St Mary's Osterley Playgroup


I first attended St Mary’s Playgroup when Peter was 2 and a half years old which seems like an awfully long time ago. He and his brothers attended playgroup for two years each and as I couldn’t afford the fees for five sessions a week and I really needed them for my sanity, we did a deal.

Little did I know that twelve years later I would still be helping out with the bills.

This is a fantastic playgroup that looks after its children extremely well. The staff are very close knit and work so well with each other. It’s really a pleasure to be able to help them in the way that I do although I’m pleased that I eventually graduated to getting paid for it.

The website launched in December 2013. For simplicity sake no photos of children will be used which makes photography a little bit more creative. This is to be more about general information about the playgroup rather than regular updates.