As with all upgrades, it’s taken too long, used up too much time, and doesn’t quite do what it is supposed to (yet).

On the other hand, if I waited until it is perfect it would never happen.

I’ve even got a proper post ready to add once the dust has settled.

P.S. Well that took longer than expected. It appears that hosting WordPress in a subfolder while using your primary domain name is a sod to set up. Like IKEA, the instructions aren’t quite right. However I’m learning things I didn’t know before and sincerely wish I didn’t need to know.

Windows ErrorP.P.S. Scratch the above. I’ve read lots and learnt lots and still don’t understand. So I’m reinstalling WordPress in the main folder rather than a subfolder, will import the contents, jiggle a bit and should all be done whilst listening to the football.

P.P.P.S. If the installation of the theme hadn’t included one or more corrupt files, that would have been done and dusted.

So, there are things I want to tweak and things I want to add. But it’ll do.