A Summer Rage of Colour

I meant to spend some time taking photos of the colours in my garden while it was bright and sunny over the last month or so. There was a technical hitch out of my control which meant I forgot to get my camera out on the few days where the sun was present. Considering this is a north facing garden with plenty of tree shade sunny moments are precious.

So, here we are. I have several pieces of paper somewhere which tell me names of some of my plants. I don’t know where it is. Many that ought to be a riot of colour haven’t got there yet. But I thought I’d take the photos while I remembered to, as otherwise I’m going to forget. So the flowers aren’t quite as bright as they should be.

The photos are roughly arranged in a circular order.

I got five bushes that took about 2 years to decide to settle down and grow. They are forsythia (not in flower), ceanothus, buddleia (not in flower), the pink one and the white one (not in flower).

I have my maternal grandmother’s lavender and my paternal grandmother’s hydrangea. The lavender is next to the Red Valerian, given by @BriziNorth.

I got a pink floor plant from Cultivate London @Cultiv8London which is spreading quite nicely and quickly with a good ratio of colour to green. They’ve checked atand this is Diascia

I have lots of weeds. I keep weeds if they are pretty. I let the forget me nots grow and then pull them up when they’ve finished. Enough survive.

I have three heuchera of slightly different hues. I’m not sure where they’re going but they’re growing.

I have one plant in delicate pale pink, as well as purple, but with variegated hues.

I end with my beautiful fuchsias: maximum colour and longevity; all I need to is hack them down once a year. My neighbour gave me three cuttings and they have filled up the front garden.

You can see from this detailed descriptions how much I don’t know. I don’t much mind. They’re pretty.

Do scream out names.


One comment on “A Summer Rage of Colour

  1. hencorner

    Beautiful pictures, Kath, I’m afraid I can’t help you with the names but am impressed with the variety you have…
    You do have a quite remarkable Fuschia in your front garden #Jealous