About Me

I moved to Brentford in 2002 with my family of four boys and realised that I’d finally come to live somewhere I could put down roots, having lived in various parts of England and London, as well as Brussels. I am Yorkshire and proud, never considering myself a Londoner despite all my years of residence.

I am the editor of BrentfordTW8.com (since November 2008) which has almost all news to do with Brentford although occasionally something slips through the net.

I balance that with being Secretary to the Brentford Chamber of Commerce, a role I took up in 2010.

The Playgroup where three of my children went is so excellent that I’ve been looking after their finances for 13 years or so, a role that evolved into Financial Manager. I also run their website. I am a qualified book-keeper, although it’s hardly my raison d’être.

I attended my first football match about a year after we moved here and have been a season ticket holder to Brentford FC ever since. I got my introduction to running a website with Bees United (although am no longer a member) and ran the website for the club’s Supporter Director back in the days when we had one. Now I am on the committee for the supporter’s group BIAS and run their website. The fact that committee meetings are held in the Griffin has no relevance to my participation.

Having moved to Brentford I ended up sticking my nose into many other aspects, also running BRAG’s website. My interest in local history and my admiration of Janet McNamara’s research into Brentford’s history led me to create BrentfordHistory whereas my interest in Brentford’s future means that I’m Vice-Chair of Brentford Community Council, whose principle role is examining planning applications. I’m also on the Brentford ward police panel.

I do get involved outside of Brentford as well, although somehow not as much.

I am a humanist representative to Ealing’s SACRE, although I’d prefer to describe myself as a freethinker. My children’s attendance at a CofE school led to this, as well as membership of British Humanist Association and the National Secular Society. Once in a blue moon I attend meetings of West London Humanists and Secularists and always regret not going more often.

I’m a “parent governor” of Woodbridge Park Educational Services, despite not having a child there and despite not being governed by a board of governors, hence the quotation marks. WPES looks after the children who do not fit in main stream education for one reason or another.

I was unaware of Hounslow borough’s official twinning with Ramallah and al-Bireh in Palestine until I came across them one Brentford Festival and became the Treasurer of the Hounslow Ramallah Twinning Association, also helping develop the links that led to Brentford FC sending over two coaches for a visit this summer. I’ve joined in the BDS campaign long before it became normal to do so. I also boycott Nestle for their continued mis-selling of formula milk.

The Griffin is my local. I spend far too much time in there and I shamelessly promote them. I do prefer the real ale of the Magpie and Crown but those extra few steps can make all the difference. I am a passive member of CAMRA.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Maths and Computing, earned over an astonishingly long period of time with the Open University (during which time I gave birth, got made redundant, got divorced, moved cities and more). I also speak fluent French with an even more rarely used smattering of German and Dutch.

I read a lot, think too much and write not enough. I have a long list of things I’d like to do. Giving up on lists is one of them.

As to who Mumfie is, well my first post, Why Mumfie?, explains.

(updated October 2014)